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If you need help in court, or out of court, in family law or other legal matters, then why not consider using a McKenzie Friend?

Whatever your reasons for using a McKenzie Friend, I may be able to help you. I have been helping mums, dads, grandparents, and many others in and out of court since 2009. It may be that you need to arrange contact with your children, or organise who your children are going to live with, or you may need to sort out your divorce and financial settlements. I specialise in all aspects of family law and I have experience of handling legal matters with professionalism, confidence and empathy. I have received many referrals from professional bodies, and in fact, many judges, who see the way that I assist litigants in court, often grant me the permission to speak for them in court hearings, which as you will see below, is still quite uncommon for McKenzie Friends. Please contact me today and I will do my very best to assist you and to help you realise that you are not all alone.



If you choose to use my McKenzie Friend service, then there are differences from using a lawyer service. In my capacity as a McKenzie Friend...


I can...

  • help you to achieve at least the same results as when using a lawyer*;
  • sit with you in court and offer quiet advice**;
  • take notes and help with case documents and papers in court;
  • offer advice out of court;
  • help to prepare your case for court;
  • do most of the things a lawyer can do.


I cannot...

  • speak for you in court, unless a judge grants me a 'right of audience'. This is sometimes granted to McKenzie Friends, but can never be guaranteed.
  • sign court applications, letters, documents, or start legal proceedings on your behalf, unless a judge grants me a 'right to conduct litigation'. This is rarely granted to McKenzie Friends.


 I am...

  • a member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx);
  • experienced in the legal process, through many years of assisting litigants and in attending court hearings;
  • always keeping my legal expertise, knowledge, and training up to date;
  • more cost effective than using lawyer services.


* A McKenzie Friend is not a complete substitute for qualified legal advice and/or legal representation in court. For some people, or in some legal matters, it may not be a suitable alternative at all. I am happy to advise litigants on the suitability of my services in relation to their individual circumstances. In some circumstances, you may need to use a lawyer. Where this is the case, I can also assist you.


** A litigant is entitled to have 'reasonable assistance' in court. It is generally accepted that a McKenzie Friend may sit in a court hearing with a litigant, but this is not an absolute right, and a judge, or a party to the proceedings, may object in some instances.

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